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Bauwerk Silverline Edition Oak | Avorio

Vanaf 162 / m2

Bauwerk Silverline Edition Oak | Avorio

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Bauwerk Silverline Edition Oak | Avorio


Generously appointed cool elegance

The sense of luxury stems from its simplicity and reticence, as its regal understatement attests to style and individuality. Stripping down to the essentials becomes the measure of all things.

The exclusive planks of the Silverline Edition are carefully hand-picked from particularly fine oaks grown straight upright. The cut of the planks creates fine straight lines running lengthwise. It is extremely rare to find perfect planks in this length, because oaks grow very slowly and need decades to reach this size. The distinctive grading underscores the uniqueness of the wood – so every Silverline floor tells its own story. The special bevels that run around the entire plank further accentuate the impressive length of the almost 3-metre-long Silverline planks. They emphasise the extraordinarily spacious dimensions of a Silverline floor, bringing out the natural effect of the spatial architecture and directing the light into the room. Beautiful expansive large floors are very unforgiving when it comes to mistakes. This is why the Bauwerk master teams in Switzerland are responsible for making the individual planks in the Silverline Edition. Our experts guarantee the exclusive quality of the Silverline Edition with the utmost care.


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